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Don't Coast...
Come Ride the Current In Beautiful Sarpy County

Just south of the metro Omaha area is beautful Sarpy Country, a delightful mix of suburban and rural countryside that also boasts a wonderful system of paved cycling trails, some along Papio Creek, others around several flood control dams like Walnut Creek Recreation Area just west of Papillion off Highway 370 and 96th Street. Starting near Walnut Creek Lake you can enjoy a pleasant five mile, half-hour ride. If you're a bit more adventureous, take a longer, 10 mile ride that dips down into the Papio Creek valley and for several miles follows the nearly vanished roadbed of the original Union Pacific Railroad.

And to make your ride as fun and fatigue-free as possible, you can have your choice of four electric-assist bicycles from the incredibly light and agile 250W K15 to the rugged Special Forces prototype, the Wavecrest TidalForce M750. There's also the easy-to-ride Stride 300 and the 500W Falco Maverick. Each enables you to experience the range of electric bikes permitted on Nebraska's growing cycling trail system.


Discover Your "EV Smile"

Electric-assist bicycles are just that: bicycles. Small, quiet, yet surprisingly powerful electric motors provide just enough mechanical assistance to make Omaha's hills much more manageable. Lithium-ion batteries provide between 20-30 miles of riding range per charge, depending on rider input and local terrain. E-bikes are legal to ride in both Iowa and Nebraska, including on dedicated shared pedestrian/bike paths on both sides of the river. Simply twist the throttle when you feel the need, but remember these are bicycles, not motorbikes: you still need to pedal, but that's their beauty. They're fun, fast, and good for your heart.
Rates: $5 for 30 minute and $5 every half hour after that. For rental in Papillion area only.
To reserve your Quikbyke rental, text 402.575.8085 or email info@quikbyke.com.

Seasonal Hours of Operation

April-November 2018

MONDAY - Closed
TUESDAY - Closed
WEDNESDAY - By Appointment
THURSDAY - By Appointment
FRIDAY - By Appointment

Try It Before You Buy It!

4 Electric Bikes

You have lots of online sources from which you can order an electric bicycle, but which type is right for you? Now you can "Try It Before You Buy It." Come out to Papillion and take any of the four eBikes for a ride around the lake. It's a lovely five mile ride that gives you a better sense of what riding an eBike is all about. We offer different motor types and wattages from 250W to 300W to 500W to 750W. You can try a European style "pedelec" or American throttle style controls.

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Each RENTER agrees to observe and abide by local traffic laws, including those governing cyclists. Failure to do so and any resulting fines shall be the responsibility of the renter.

Each RENTER shall be responsible for any damage or injury cause to themselves or to other person(s) or property during the rental period.

Each RENTER shall be required to sign a waiver of liability prior to renting a Quikbyke.

Each RENTER must be at least 18 years of age and possess either a valid driver's license, passport, or credit card prior to rental.

Each RENTER shall be responsible to LOCK their bike to bicycle stand or other solid object using the provided locking chain to prevent theft of the bike. The RENTER shall be charged $500 if they failed to securely lock the bike resulting in its being stolen. In the event of recovery of an undamaged bike, Quikbyke shall refund the RENTER 50% of the penalty.

Each RENTER shall be responsible to return their bike and other hired equipment in the same condition they received it to the originating rental location. Failure to do so may result in an additional assessment of $50.